Buy down jacket is the most important is to figure out what the actual use, if simply used to the cold, general domestic down jacket. Especially the feather coat, but the drawback is too heavy, style is bad, generally do not waterproof fabrics. Snow will have problems in the outdoor.
Made of feather clothing design is a lot of more phyletic, mainly include skiing, climbing suits, etc. Choose a contentment down jacket. Please note the 
Identify pure eiderdown fluff: confuse other miscellaneous wool cloth with soft nap, pure quality, and the feather tore chicken wool cloth with soft nap is used as a filler chicken velvet, the wool yarn, head and neck, immature fine hair, feather silk such as inferior goods together be filled mixing pile, and the goose feather, duck feather pieces made of filling material crushing machine crushed velvet. These miscellaneous wool cloth with soft nap and warmth retention property than down, to distinguish between. Volume: volume. When choosing, pinched by hand products, then open the degree of recovery, to identify the merits of the hair quality. Soft: soft, no bristles touch for the best. If feel is achieved, and less elastic, may be mixed with nylon cotton. If there is a rough, granular and other strange feel, may be inferior wool cloth with soft nap.

Such as dust and smell, prove the washing chemical treatment process is not complete, not clean. The smell also affect the service life of the down jacket. Down jacket fabrics: pay attention to when choosing fabrics with and without obvious defect and jump yarn, in order to prevent leakage. Fabric is waterproof, down-proof breathable, light and soft, smooth, thin, tall and straight, etc are classy fabrics. Gore - Tex fabric is quite practical, but the cost is higher. Due to Gore - Tex through water vapor, so won't be sweating body, is actually more feel warm. If need in their daily activities, simply wear light clothing. If outdoor sports need, for convenience, also need to wear a sweater, or plus down vest.

Nominal downcontent moisture is very big, down jacket and down jacket in the process of using run velvet, affect the actual downcontent. Downcontent little difference will lead to cost a lot of change. So don't be fooled by specific downcontent when buying. Feather layer can be removed had a great influence on the maintenance of down jacket. Feather layer must not into the washing machine, also absolutely can't use alkaline material cleaning, can not be strong sunlight, not heated, such as iron, can only be air-dried, should pay attention to moistureproof, mouldproof, insect-resistant, especially in the rainy season. If possible, it is suggested that to store your feather products like suit hang up, do not use compression bag. Down a feather is encapsulated in a grid. So the size of the grid is very important. Size is larger, the more likely it is "a hole". Feather coverage is very important also, want to know if including arm, hats. Down jacket is the most not warm place joints, pay special attention to, if necessary can buy some feather knee and elbow pads to strengthen protection.

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